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Built to simplify the existence of Compliance teams

An effective "Know Your"
  • Clients
  • Counterparties
  • Investments
  • Investors
  • Partners
  • Associates
As we believe that the Compliance and Finance functions are really effective with appropriate and efficient tools NORALP developps tools for
L'église Saint-Joseph du Havre, France.j
Answer and address internal requests
  • Identify key questions
  • Automate recurrent answers
early warinings.jpg
Manage alerts generated by monitoring tools
  • To close "false positives"
  • To manage "positives"
  • To document
  • To report
Finance Change & Financial Reporting
  • Improvement of the set up
  • Automation and simplification of the process
  • Structure the set up
Train, Educate, Inform
  • Simplicity and relevance of the materials
  • Prompt ownership
  • Adopt best practices
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