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Our services cover Compliance,  MIFID, AML/CFT, Sanctions,  IDD , Ethics, ESG, Risk and Privacy regulations
  • Definition of the scope and preparation of the program of activities.

  • Definition of the work and control program.

  • Preparation of the budget and definition of human and organizational needs.

  • Writing policies and procedures.

  • Risk mapping and “Gap analysis”.

  • Reporting mapping.

  • Specifications and selection of tools.

  • Implementation of the system, deployment of the work program.

  • Upgrading and implementation of the correction plan.

  • Redesign of the device.

  • Team support.

  • Definition of the matrix of level 1, 2 and 3 controls.

  • Execution and documentation of controls.

  • Control sheets.

  • Organization of the consolidation of the various entities

  • Reporting to the supervisory body.

  • Reporting to the regulators.

  • Reporting to investors.

  • Reporting to customers.

  • Face-to-face training and online training. 

  • Provision of training and exam materials for integration into the client LMS.

  • Provision of our white label training and exam platform.

  • Preparing for exams.

  • team training.

  • formation of boards of directors.

  • Certified Exams.

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