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Committed to its clients NORALP offers:

  • Advice and assistance services to assist you with the:

  1. Implementation of :  Governance, Controls, Reporting

  2. Answer to requests from investors and regulators

  3. Compliance with new requirements such as SFDR, MIF, UCITS, FAI, Taxonomy and CSRD.​

  • Tailor-made training services  for your executives, your teams, your employees.

The content of the training can range from half a day of general training (360°) to 2 full days of training.


As part of these training sessions in order to provide training adapted to your activities, NORALP calls on speakers with expertise specific to your activities.

  • The AMF Sustainable Finance certification.

Preparing and taking the exam on line

NORALP prepares candidates and makes them to take the French AMF sustainable finance certified exam.​

NORALP has been approved since  February 1, 2022 by the AMF  under number FD - 5 to pass

“the AMF Sustainable Finance examination”. 

To take the exam, candidates must answer 60 questions in 90 minutes from the database provided by the AMF. This is fed by questions prepared by service providers approved by the AMF in the same way as NORALP.

This approval has been granted by the AMF to NORALP, Bärchen Education, First Finance, Juriscampus, AFG formation, and Sumatra formation conseil pursuant to articles 312 – 5, 318 – 9, 321 – 39 and 325 – 26 of the Regulation General of the AMF. 

Training materials are composed of, written supports, videos and mock exams 

To contact NORALP:

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